Breast reconstruction

In accordance with the latest international professional recommendations, every woman with breast cancer should be offered the opportunity for breast reconstruction if it is not contraindicated from an oncological perspective. The goal of breast reconstruction is to restore the symmetry of the body by creating a naturally appearing and feeling breast. Whenever possible, the size and shape of the newly created breast should match or closely resemble the intact breast.


The reconstructive plastic surgeon works with their patients for months and years to fight for the most perfect restoration of lost femininity. It’s a difficult but beautiful medical task.

The best type of surgery is decided by the plastic surgeon based on the following factors:

  • amount of removed breast tissue
  • quality of tissues in the surgical area
  • whether there was breast/chest radiation
  • general health condition
  • body build
  • and last but not least, the patient’s wish

The restoration is a multi-step, long process that can be divided into the following stages:

  • tissue replacement phase: what degree of tissue replacement is needed?
  • forming the size and shape of the restored breast
  • will the opposite, intact breast need to be transformed? Reconstructed at the same time or later?
  • nipple and areola formation
  • correction of scars.

Breast reconstruction photo gallery