Breast lift

It does not need to be explained how important the beauty of her breast’s form in a woman’s life is. Somebody may have a beautiful, faultless body, but if the breast are loose, the attractiveness will decrease considerably.


The problem

Due to the atrophy of the mammary glands as a result of the fluctuation in body weight during puberty or the hormonal changes after pregnancy, having a baby and nursing the breasts can become sagging and hanging. This phenomenon appears mainly because of the weakness of the connective tissues. The breast’s system of ligaments slackens and its skin becomes loose. This deformation can occur in various degrees of severity.

The intervention

The operational methods of a breast lift depend on the degree of sagging, the age of the patients and her build. In each case we endeavour to make the results long-lasting and leave the least amount of scars possible. Thus the circular incision at the edge of the areola can be supplemented with vertical and perpendicular incisions made in the lower part of the breast (reverse T-shape technique) depending on the type of sagging. The operation can be carried out under local anaesthetic or in narcosis. After the operation a one-day hospital observation is necessary.

  • Anaesthetization:general or local anaesthetization
  • Duration of operation: 90-120 minutes
  • Hospital stay: 24 hours
  • Stich removal: 3 weeks after surgery
  • Control: 2nd day, 7th day, 14th day, 21th day, 6th week, 3rd month, 6th month, 1 year