Beautiful eyes are a great attractiveness. The most dominant feature creating the biggest impression on the face are the eyes. Ugly eyes can disturb the perfect harmony of the otherwise faultless face significantly. The plastic surgeon can make the increased adipose tissue around the eyes and redundant skin disappear, so thus the face will seem to be more fresh and youthful. With the help of eyelid surgery more can be made for the blooming and youthful appearance of the patients than with any other cosmetic interventions. Eyelid correction is the most often made plastic operation of men.


The problem

With aging the skin of the eyelids becomes thinner and radial wrinkles called crow’s feet develop, starting from the lateral canthus. The skin of the upper and the lower eyelids becomes withered and loose. The wrinkles of the upper eyelid reach the row of eyelashes or even hinder eyesight by overreaching them. Above and below the lateral and the medial canthi a swelling (bags) can appear that pushes the eyelid out.

The intervention

During the operation the loose, wrinkled skin of the upper and lower lids as well as the fatty tissue pushing the lid out are removed. Blepharoplasty is usually carried out under local anaesthetic. If the patient is cooperative enough, the blepharoplasty does not require hospital care. After the operation has been performed and an observation of a few hours has been carried out, the patient can go home.

  • Anaesthetization: local anaesthetization
  • Duration of operation: one-day surgery
  • Hospital stay: 24 hours
  • Stich removal: 5 – 7th day after surgery
  • Control:2nd day, 5 – 7th day, 3rd week, 3rd month, 1 year

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