PlasmAge skin rejuvenation plasma treatment

PlasmAge® uses plasma technology to safely and highly effectively remove excess skin without surgery. During the treatment, a fourth state (plasma state) is created by gas ionisation, with ionising gases from the air creating a small electric arc between the treatment head and the skin surface. The plasma beam is very precisely controlled, vaporising the top layers of the skin without affecting the connective tissue, muscles and other structures underneath.

Plasmage kezelés

The PlasmAge treatment

The use of plasma is much less invasive than laser or other diathermy treatments, so the recovery time is minimal compared to other technologies. It allows a very precise intervention without damaging the surrounding tissue – the dermis – or exposing it to unnecessary heat, for excellent results.

Areas of application of plasma treatment

  • upper eyelid tightening
  • tightening of the under eye area
  • tightening of upper lip radial (smoker’s) wrinkles
  • facial/neck/decollete skin resurfacing
  • scar treatment

What results can you expect?

  • the treated area is lifted, firmer, tighter
  • thanks to a firmer eyelid, your eyes will look more open, the taut skin will look beautiful again
  • no permanent surgical scars
  • a new, smoother, more vibrant and refreshed skin surface as a result of the skin renewal treatment
  • the effects of PlasmAge® treatment can last for years
  • 1-2 treatments are usually required for very spectacular results, depending on the condition of the skin

The great advantage of PlasmAge® treatment is that it can be repeated several times a year if required a minimum of two months between treatments. For skin areas previously treated with laser, ultrasound, botox, peelers, etc., a minimum of two months should be waited before PlasmAge® treatment.

Recovery time

During skin resurfacing treatment, only the skin surface is affected, no deeper, puncture injuries are caused, so there is no scarring or recovery time.

Removal of excess skin may result in swelling, oedema and redness, but this will disappear within a few days. The small, brownish bumps that are formed will gradually dry off and the skin will heal without any trace in 5-14 days. Make-up should not be worn for the first 3 days after PlasmAge® treatment, after which very minimal cover-up is recommended until the skin is completely healed. Physical sparing is important to keep the skin dry, so sports activities with increased sweating should also be avoided.