Facial plastic surgery


The problem

With aging the skin of the face becomes thinner, loses its flexibility and becomes loose. If this is accompanied by a significant change in body weight, this phenomenon can appear earlier. What are these typical deformations? Transversal wrinkles can develop on the forehead. Fine radial wrinkles can appear around the upper and the lower lips. The skin of the neck becomes loose and hanging, which can be made even worse by the accumulating fat of the double chin. The reason for all these is the atrophy of the epidermis of the skin, the change in the number and quality of the collagen fibres and the atrophy of the mimic muscles.

The solutions

If possible, in many cases only a smaller intervention is performed. With the help of proper, long-life, good quality filling material the filling in of the wrinkles can be effective. The shape of the lips or the enhancement of their plumpness can be achieved with both operation and filling injections. Both interventions are carried out under local anaesthetic within the framework of our outpatient services. In more advanced cases the best result can be achieved with an operation technique called face lift during which we can perform interventions in the deeper muscle structures besides cutting out the excess skin and tightening the surface of the skin in order to achieve long-lasting results. The before-mentioned alternatives can be combined with each other in accordance with the actual problem and expectations. Smaller operations and interventions can be carried out under local anaesthetic within the framework of our outpatient services. A full face lift can be performed under local anaesthetic or in narcosis and requires a one-day hospital observation.


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