Micro-needling with Derma Pen

DERMA PEN® the latest skin therapy system that offers the most modern, gentle alternative in the therapy of wrinkles, fine lines, aging skin, scars, skin with wide pores.

Derma Pen
  • Anaesthetization: numbing cream
  • Duration of treatment: 45-60 minutes (incl. anaesthetization)
  • Control: not required
  • Improvement can be sen after a few days
  • Social dowtime: significant shorter than with dermaroller, half-one day according skin sensitivity
  • Result: with minimal pain and disomfort your skin will look and feel tighter, the tone will be noticeably more even

In micro-needling the body self-healing mechanisms is utilised. The intrusion of tiny surgical needles is sensed by skin nerve receptors as an injury stimulus; the proliferation of new cells is stimulated, e.g. fibroblasts to transform into collagen- and elastin fibres. The transformation for wound repair cells (e.g. fibroblasts and others) is an automatic process. Their final mission is to transform into collagen fibres, they integrate into the existing collagen formation in the upper dermis.

The microneedles are so fine and thin that tissue damage is unlikely; the skin integrity stays intact. The pricking channels, caused by the micro-needles, close very quickly. These facts explain the minimal visible tissue reaction and the short period of inflammation that usually only lasts for some hours. As the epidermis stays intact and the fine pricking channels are closed within minutes. The redness after the tratment is like a bad sunburn, which goes away after 1-3 days depending on the skin type.

Patients treated with the Dermapen® felt that the procedure was much less painful than the Derma rolling and the downtime was significantly shorter with the Derma pen®.

The result of the treatment will be visible after 2-3 months after treatment. Significant improvent can be expected after 1-3 treatments. Treatments should be separated by at least 8-10 weeks. Social down time is in general one afternoon.